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December 27 1999

Capture & Hold Readme File!

Maybe a readme file isn't enough for it's own heading, but I forgot to include it in the zip when I first uploaded the mod. It's in the zip file now, but if you've already downloaded it you can get the readme here.

- Wilka

December 26 1999

Capture & Hold v0.1

I haven't update this site for a while, so I decide to update with something. Here's a new mod for SiN, it's basically a copy of Domination for UT. If you know how to play that, then you know how to play this. If you don't, then have a look at the readme file. It works on all CTF maps, and almost of all of the SiN DM maps (all apart from Spool and Paradox). If you want to give it a try, you can get it from the downloads page in the mods section. If you find a bug, or think or something good I could add/change, then let me know.

- Wilka


November 11 1999

WoF 0.5d & Source Code

Yet another version of Weapons of Fury, this one is to fix a bug that popped up in the last version. After you switched weapons, you would still be firing with the old one (you couldn't see it, but you'd still kill people when you aim at them). If you got the last one, then you should update to this version straight away. As usual the dll and source code are on the downloads page.


November 4 1999

WoF 0.5c & Source Code

Here's another version of WoF, there's no changes from the previous version in this one apart from it's now based on the 1.10 source. Head over to the downloads page for dll or source code.


October 24 1999

WoF 0.5b & Source Code

I was going to wait until the 1.06 source was released before I updated this. But kAmALA asked me if I was going to give out the source, so here it is. There's only one tiny change to this version, sv_wof_order is now a server info var, so it will show up in the rules on GameSpy. You can get the new dll and the source code from the downloads page.

If your wondering when the next version of SinEd Omega will be, I don't know yet. I have still been working on it. I just haven't made much progress recently. When the source code for Q3Radiant comes out, providing it's not against any of the licenses agreements. I'll try and copy all the improvements over to SinEd (apart from the curve stuff), but hopefully I'll have a new version out before then.


September 11 1999

SinEd Omega 1.0.8

I wanted to hold of releasing another version until I had prefabs working, but I've only just got my system working properly again after playing about with Linux for a bit. So I thought i might as well upload the current version (without any of the broken prefab stuff) before I start doing anything else with it.

This version has a nice new toolbar thanks to EutecTic, and if you still can't work out what the buttons do there's some ToolTips as well. That's not the only changes though, for a full list have a look at the history section of the readme.txt because I'm not much good at picking out the most important changes.

You can get the latest version from the downloads page.


August 22 1999

SinEd Omega Update

It turns out that the changed texture menu (with popup items) still didn't show all the textures if your using 800x600. So I've added an option to create the texture list in a sub menu. It's off by default, so you'll to enable it if your using 800x600. That's the only change from the last (apart from a couple of menu shortcut keys) so you didn't have a problem with the texture menu there's no need to download this version as well. If you do want it, you can get it from the downloads page as usual.


August 21 1999

SinEd Omega

I did make some changes to the SinEd source after all. The OpenGL bugs are still there (cos I don't know how to fix them yet), but I have improved it a bit. Thanks to EutecTic for letting me know what things could do with improving. You can download here, or take a look at the read me file. If you've got any suggestions for the next version let me know. But don't send me things about OpenGL bugs, I've got a clue what to do about them. I'll fix the OpenGL problems as soon as I can. So until then you'll have to put up with them. Sorry.


August 20 1999

Sincest Source Code

As promised I've released the (vb6) source code for Sincest. Unfortunately I didn't tidy it up first. So it's still a mess. You can get it from the downloads page if your interested. If you feel like taking over Sincest (cos it's very unlikely that I'll be doing anything with it in the future) then let me know (but make sure you understand the source code first).

New WoF

This version (0.5) adds a variable that lets the server admin choose the weapon order. There's now a command to the clients go back a weapon (in case they run out of ammo). And thanks to RiEvEr the weapons no longer spawn when the map starts. Go here for some more info, or download it.


August 13 1999

First the bad news

I think I was probably wrong about getting a new version of Sincest out. Every time I try and do something with it I end up getting annoyed at VB. Now that I've got the hang of C++ for windows stuff, using VB for it feels like using Duplo bricks (that's Lego btw) and the stuff I want to do with Sincest can't be done with VB (at least I don't think it can). So I might not get a new version of Sincest out at all. But I am going to be uploaded the source code after I've tidied it up a bit, so if anyone would like to continue Sincest have a look at the source code when I upload to make sure you know what's going on, then if you still want to continue it let me know.

I was going to try and do some stuff with the SinEd code, like making the BSP menu work,  adding some options and trying to fix a few bugs. Nothing too major cos I don't know OpenGL very well yet. But when I load SinEd it often makes my mouse cursor and my icons (desktop, system tray and toolbar) change to yellow squares. So I decide not to do that.

Then the good

Anyway, seeing as I'm not doing anything with SiN Ed I decided to do some stuff with the sin code instead. It was only a few days ago when I downloaded it again (i got it ages when it first came out, but I couldn't think of much to do with) and I've been playing about with it a bit. And here's my first attempt at a mod with a point (as in one that doesn't just change the weapons or something a bit). There's probably some problems with it, but I haven't been able to test it properly on a single computer. So let me know if you find something wrong with it

I want to do some other little mods (cos I don't want to start one that will take my ages to complete just yet), but I can't think of anything. so If you've got an idea for one then let me know.


June 28 1999

I've just uploaded a new version of the Sincest bot control. As usual you can auto install it with IE here, or download the zip file from the downloads page. This time I've included a real setup for the addin, it does make the file size bigger (although still really small). But it should give people a lot less trouble installing it. And yes I know it's been a while since my last update, and Sincest hasn't been updated for a while either. Hopefully I'll get a new version out soon, but I'm not promising anything.


May 22 1999

The link for the SincestAddin.ocx on the downloads page was pointing to the wrong file, so if you download it expecting the new version, sorry about that. All you IE user got the new version, it's just the link that was wrong. But I've fixed that now, so if you need it you can get the newest version from the downloads page.


May 05 1999

New SincestAddin released today, this would have been out sooner, but I had some problems with Linux. This versions adds the b_random command so if your getting sick of the same bots spawning all the time you'll probably find this helpful. You can get it from the IE page and have it auto install, or if your not using Internet Explorer  you'll have to make do with a zip file from the downloads page.


April 10 1999

There's a new Sincest as well as an updated ReDeMpTiOn Bot control today. You can get the install for the new Sincest here (including the new bot control) or just the exe here. If you only want the updated bot control you can get that here or install it from here if your using Internet Explorer.

New bits in Sincest:

+ Added 
* Fixed 

*removed the +set cddata etc from the command line. I should have taken this out ages ago, sorry about that.
*deathmatch is set to 1 when joining a game, so it wont ask for the cd when you connect
+/clean command line option - removes Sincest section from registry.
*The tool tip for the close on run option used to say Quake2 instead of SiN, oops

New bits in the bot control

+b_arena option for redemption bot
+when a model is selected the skins are updated (i.e. when pl_blade.def is selected, the blade skins are listed in the blade combo box)
+checks to make sure you put something in each of the bot options (name, skin, model)

I've just updated the page for getting Sincest working with the ReDeMpTiOn bot, so if your having any problems getting the bot up and running with have a read of this, hopefully it'll help.


April 3 1999

There's another new version of Sincest today to keep it up to date with the ReDeMpTiOn Bot. But there's no changes from the previous version other than a recompile. I installed something (not sure what it was) that decided to overwrite a few files with earlier versions so I couldn't use visual studio until I reinstalled it. But after reinstalling it and making some changes to the SincestAddin.ocx I got an error about it not being installed when I tried to run Sincest. Re-compiling Sincest fixed the problem, but now the new version of the SincestAddin,ocx isn't compatible with the old one. So basically what this means is you'll need to download and install a new version of Sincest to use the new ReDeMpTiOn bit control. Hopefully this wont happen again.


March 31 1999

RiEvEr.. (of ReDeMtIoN Bot) let me know about a pretty big problem in the latest version of Sincest. It wasn't setting teh DMFlags when you start a game. So here's one with that problem fixed.


March 27 1999


The auto install page for IE didn't work properly, but I think I've got the problem sorted so it should hopefully be fine now. If not then you'll have to make do with the zip file.

Early AM

Here's a new version of the SincestAddin.ocx to go with the latest version of ReDeMpTiOn bot (0.4 beta). This version now lets you change the settings for each bot (name, model, skin and accuracy) and increases the skill range. I made a small mistake with the saving in the last version which I've fixed now. But that means that your old settings wont be loaded in the first time you use this new version. But since there was only a couple of settings to save it shouldn't be much of a problem. If your using Internet Explorer 3 or greater you can install it automatically by going to this page, and for those of you haven't yet started using Internet Explorer (you do IE5 is out, don't you?) you'll have to make do with the old fashioned zip file.


March 17 1999

I've just upload the new version of Sincest. This version now has proper support for the ReDeMpTiOn Bot. At the moment you can only set the skill and number of bots (as well as all the normal Sincest options). I'm also using Visual Studio 6 now so there's only a full install at the moment. The mod support is in the form of an ActiveX control so I can update the ReDeMpTiOn Bot section without needing to change Sincest, so the downloads should be tiny for mod support updates. This version of Sincest is meant for 0.1 beta of the ReDeMpTiOn Bot.


March 9 1999

Some people have been having a few problems getting the Redemption bot working. If your using Sincest then it's pretty straight forward. I've put all the info on this page. I'll be adding proper support for the Redemption Bot when it gets a few more options, so until then you'll still need to type 'bot' at the console.


Febuary 18 1999

You know that bot I mentioned a while back? Well pretend I didn't for now. If I do ever release it it wont be for ages and it will almost defiantly suck. I don't think I'll bother mentioning it again until I've got something I can release, I've been getting a fair few emails asking when it's going to be out. And the answer is, I've got no idea at all. So try to forget that I mentioned it, please.


Febuary 3 1999

I've just installed Visual Studio 6 and tried compiling the Sin source and it worked, yippy. So I can finally start doing some work on the bot. It seems to compile loads faster than 5 did, and the 'auto list members' is great. But as I said before don't expect a anything really quick cos I'm back at uni now. I'm just happy that I get to see this:

gamex86.dll - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)


January 31 1999

Well Visual C is giving me gip about wanting to compile bspline.cpp, even thought I haven't changed it. I suppose I could email the files I've changed over to someone and have them compile it for me then send back the dll, but that would take far to long to get anywhere if it takes about a 12hrs to a day to test on little change I made to the spawn routine. I think I'll put it on hold till I get Visual C 6. It'll probably take a little longer to get stuff done as well since I go back to uni tomorrow, and with it being my final year there's bound to be lots more work now.


January 24 1999

Thanks to RoadRunner I've now got the object files for bspline and can compile the Sin source as long as I don't need to change bspline for anything. So I can finally make a start on the bot.

The bugs I thought where in Sincest weren't, so there's no need for a new version just yet.


January 23 1999

I've got some bad news and, um, some more bad news. I've just finished getting my system up and running properly (most of the time was spent 'fixing' Outlook98) after I formatted to get Visual C working again. I've just tried to compile the sin source and its still not going past 'bspline.cpp'. The other bit of bad news is that Easom's mother board when band a couple of days ago (probably a nasty power spike) so he can't do anything either. I just hope Visual Studio 6 solves the not compiling problem, I shoudl have it in a few days. If anyone of you have had this problem and know a way to fix it then let me know.

I should have a new Sincest up pretty soon with a few bug fixes and tiny changes. I haven't been able to do much with it lately because there ain't any mods out yet to add support for. It will (obviously) have support for the Predator bot when it gets released, but until then it looks like it's going to be without any of it's mod specific stuff.

I was think of stuff that would be cool for the Predator bot to do, and I came up with the idea of letting shot stuff out of your hands. So if you going for it with a chain gun or something and it could shoot the chain gun from your hands and nab the weapon from the ground. But since it's so hard in real life to shoot the gun from a guys hands it might become annoying. I suppose it good give it a max of 30% chance to get the gun from you hands. What do you think about it? and have you got ideas for stuff it could do?


January 18 1999

I should be switching over to Visual Studio 6 in a few days and maybe that will solve the problem with compiling the code. If it does then I'll be able to make a start sooner (I still wont have much time just yet since its exam season at uni). Say hi to Easom, he's the guy that going to be helping me with the bot, hopefully he hasn't had any problems with the SiN source. If you know of any good place to get some Ai info or a bot with source available (other than Frog or Eraser) then let us know.


January 17 1999



I asked one of my mates from uni if he wants to give me a hand with this SiN bot (which I've decided to call "Predator" - sounds good for a bot and it's also a film staring Mr Schwarzenegger) and seeing as he's got zero Ai experiace, just like me, the bot will be just as dum as it would with only me doing it but it should be out a little sooner.

Early AM

After having a proper look at the eraser code (and still not being able to compile the sin source) I can tell that there's very little I can use in of it SiN without massive changes, and there's no way the navigation code will work. So I'll be better of starting from scratch, but I'll have a look at some other bots to get ideas since I've tried AI before. I'll probably have problems with maps like paradox but I'll give it a go (but I'm not going to start it until uni has calmed down). Speaking of paradox have a look at this demo from a recent LAN game of SiN.


Old News...



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