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This page is where I'll put all the freaquest asked question so you can find out the fequesntly given answers.

"Why doesn't the 'Edit autoexec.cfg' button do anything?"

The edit config button on Sincest opens the config file in whatever program you have associated with .cfg files. I was going to include an editor but there didn't seem any need to as notepad works fine and some people probably use a specific config editing program. Open the base directory then double click on the 'autoexec.cfg' file then when it asks what to open it with choose notepad and tick "always open with this application" then the edit config button (and popup menu when you right click the button) should work fine.

"Why Do I Get 'System Error &H80070485 (-2147023739)' When I Run Sincest?"

This was a problem with the FM20.DLL, which as of Sincest 1.01b was removed and shouldn't happen any more. But if it does then let me know.

"When's The Bot Going To Be Released?"