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Weapons of Fury

This is a copy of a mod I played ages ago for Quake2, and I think it was
called Weapons of Fury. I'm pants at coming up with names, so this one is
called Weapons of Fury as well. It works like this. You spawn with whatever weapons
the server has chosen, then when you get a kill you move on to the next weapon. When
you've got a kill with each weapon you win. If you die, you go back to the first weapon.

The order of the weapons is printed in the console when you connect to a server.
The default order is 04358729. So you will see sv_wof_order "04358729" if the server admin
has left the default settings.

The weapons numbers are the same as the default keys, so that's :

1 = Fists
2 = Magnum
3 = Shotgun
4 = AssaultRifle
5 = Chaingun
6 = SpiderMine
7 = RocketLauncher
8 = PulseRifle
9 = QuantumDestabilizer
0 = SniperRifle

The spiders mines don't work properly for some reason, so it's best not to
have them in the weapon cycle. The WoF order can be as long as you like,
but remember each player is trying to get this many kills in a row, so
setting the order to big isn't a good idea. And include fists in the
order will make it very hard. But it's your server, so it's up to you.

You can download WoF from the downloads page.