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If you are using Internet Explorer 3 or higher, this control will be automatically installed.

As your not using Internet Explorer, this control can't install automatically. You need to download and install it manually.

Making changes to this control wont have any affect on your settings. It's only displayed so that Internet Explorer will download and install it for you.

About Security: You probably have your security settings set so that Internet Explorer will not download any ActiveX controls that might do bad stuff to your computer. This control isn't going to do any bad things, it's the exact same one that you need to download. To let Explorer install it for you all you have to do is.

  • Open your Internet Options, either via control panel or the menu's in IE (View menu for IE4 and Tools menu for IE5).
  • Go to the Security tab and select low for Internet.
  • Click the Refresh button on the toolbar.
  • After the control is updated make sure you go back to Internet Options and put your security back to medium or high.