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Sensemann Servers With New IPs
[BaDmAn - Jun 08, 2000]

Just got word from Arminator, the admin of the popular Sensemann servers. The three of them have new IPs and should ping a little better for most of you now.

Sensemann CTF#1:
Sensemann CTF#2:
Sensemann DM:

Already sent a mail to kAmALA, so his |33t server list should be updated shortly.

SiNday Results / Tourney News
[BaDmAn - Jun 02, 2000]

Congratulation to the Legion of Knights who made it into the finals of the Quad Damage tournament. They'll play against No Soup For You this weekend.

The SiNday was fun, for me and (I hope) for the other players, too. You can see some score screenshots over at the SiNday Screenshots page. The next SiNday will be WoS and it will take place when a certain guy gets his OC-3 (greetings to Stagger from 2015 ;)). Wether it will be WoS DM or CTF has still to be decided.

On a side note, good luck to the people formerly working at Looking Glass. Great games you guys made there, I hope we'll hear (better: see) something from you soon.

Oh, we got some cool things coming up for the future, both with the Sintral and, uh, other...games ;)

SiNGate Back In Buisness / SiNday Coming Up
[BaDmAn - May 25, 2000]

I got another mail from Clint Russel (the SiNGate admin)with some good news. SiNGate's back and they need somebody to manage the SiNGate homepage:

Ok all you Sinners sounds like SinGate will be saved, now what I am seeking is a individual with some web design experience who wishes to handle singates homepage. This person will also have the admin password for singate. Star~Net will provide the web space for the page and ftp space for sin related files the page needs to link too. The web server has Frontpage 2000 and IIS5 on Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Anyone interested please submit a breif summary of how often you play on singate, some links to web design examples and your preferred login/password for Frontpage access. The web site address would be singate.snqc.org or singate.1starnet.com. Unless someone wants to pay Network Solutions fee and point singate.org to our DNS and we will put up www.singate.org (since .com is used for some adult site).

Please send email to clint@1starnet.com with subject SinWeb.

Thanks again.

You heard the man. Oh and if you got a stick of 64MB PC-100 RAM lying around and don't know what to do with it, send it to

Star~Net Online Systems
c/o Save SiNGate
108 Lamar Ave
Paris, TX 75460


The next SiNday will take place on SiNGate, check the SiNday page for more infos.

BTW the Quad Damage schedule was updated once again, so go there and check it out.

SiNGate Lives
[BaDmAn - May 24, 2000]

Yes, you read right. Check out this mail I just got from SiNGate's admin today.

Well 47 emails so far wanting to keep SinGate alive, this is good. I discussed it with the big boss and if we can find the ram and higher CPU we will put SiN and UT on the same server. We tested this already for 2 nights now with extra ram/cpu that belongs to our new ILS server so it cant stay in the machine. We might have a donator for a CPU but RAM becomes an issue. I hope everyone understands this isnt for profit as some have stated and I quote "I realize running SiN is not as profitable as it once was and Unreal might make you more profit..". There is no money being made by the ISP I work for in regards to any of the game servers. Most of the equipment has been donated by gamers so the machine parts cost the ISP very little so far. I would say 80% of the parts are from supervisor and I, 10% from the ISP (net cards, hubs) and the remaining 10% from outside donators. This was not ever meant to seem as a ploy to obtain any money. If we need RAM I dont want cash, I want RAM. Anyway I sure hope this clears some things up, thanks again to BaDmAn for helping with this.

It's good to see that SiNGate will stay ;) Oh and if anybody has an unused stick of RAM lying around somewhere, be sure to contact him.

Update: Here's another mail:

GOOD NEWS, A fellow SiNner has donated a PII-400 for the system jumping from the 233 it currently has and faster than the 350 test processor ran both UT and SiN on. Now we just need to cough up a 64Meg DIMM  PC100 (thanks to new processor having 100 FSB). If you know anyone with a 64Meg PC100 Dimm laying around the ISP has a PC100 in a 66 Max FSB system we can swap out. let me know.

Way to go...

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