Quad Damage - Playing Times
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Exact playing times for the tourney are listed below

1st Round Matches - March 18th-April 2nd

2nd Round Matches - April 8th-May 28th

Semifinals - May 27th - May 31st

Final Round Matches - June 3rd


All participants will be responsible for being present when their match begins. If a team member doesn't show up, his/her partner will have to play 1vs2. If one team doesn't show up, the other will win by default.

Teams by "Skin" and Models

2 on 2

No cursing

Each pool in each round will play 2 maps at their choice for 20 minutes each map.

All games will be played on the Ritual server located at ctfdebug.ritual.com.

The winner will be announced on this page.

Prizes: 1st place: A copy SiN and of WoS for each player, both signed by the developers.
2nd place: A SiN t-shirt for each player, signed by the people at Ritual Entertainment.

*note* All times are in EST, unless otherwise stated. If you want them converted go to www.timezoneconverter.com, for I am (SinNer) too lazy to convert them :P.   Times could also be changed, so if your time is bothering you, we could make the games a bit later.

Semifinals (last updated 05-24-00)


Time/Date Playing

Hung Like A Horse


No Soup For You

Winner: No Soup For You

Legion of Knights


Smeggers of Doom

Wednesday, May 31st, 7.00 PM EST


Teams Time/Date Playing
Winner Game 1


Winner Game 2

Saturday, June 3rd, 5.30 PM EST

Times in red have been changed.

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