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We got word that Radox has updated his Modification for SiN!

SiN Resurrected is the name of the Mod, it changes the singleplayer campaign of SiN by tweaking the weapons, items and enemies.

Here is a brief list of some things the Mod does:

  • Changes the main menu and "X-files screen" typewriter sound with a more pleasant one
  • Changes the sound played when the player finds a secret
  • Fixes the wrong text that showed when the player completed a objective in later levels
  • Adds the nude Elexis skin for multiplayer
  • Adds some items throughout the levels
  • Rebalances the Pulse cannon
  • Expands some of the dialogs and makes them clarify the storyline better
  • Adds secondary objectives to some of the later levels to increase replay ability of the game
  • Adds a number of action-based outcomes to some levels to increase interactivity of the game
  • FINALLY fixes the Biomass to Area 57 bug, so now the player can continue the game normally
  • You can download the Modification from either