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Summary System Requirements
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac
PC Publisher: Activision
Mac Publisher: MacPlay
Engine: Enhanced Quake II Engine
ESRB Rating: Mature
Released: November 1998
· Pentium 166 (200 MHz recommended)
· 32 megs of RAM (64 MB recommended
· Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3)
· 50 MB of uncompressed hard disk space
· 100% SoundBlaster-compatible sound card
· PCI or AGP video card with 2 MB RAM
Wages of Sin Level Names

Want to play any level you want in Wages of Sin instantly? The following is a list of every map. To play any of these maps be sure to type in the console (press '~' to get the console) map "mapname" (no quotes) where mapname is one of the following:

DM Maps:

On foot maps:

hoverbike maps:

Single Player maps:
2015intro_cin.bsp - intro cinematic
undergrd.bsp - 1st level in the game
church.bsp - 2nd level in the game
druglab.bsp - 3rd level in the game

Major ABO split here revolving around dr. lansing. If you kill dr. lansing then the order of levels is as follows:

daenzer-day.bsp - warehouse level daytime
sya-day.bsp, syb-day.bsp, syc-day.bsp - The shipyards daytime (hub style levels)
ship-day.bsp - the ship during the day
club-night.bsp - the nightclub at night
vacant-night.bsp - the vacant building at night

If you listened to dr. lansing then th order of levels is this (replaces previous order):

club-day.bsp - the nightclub during the day
vacant-day.bsp - the vacant building during the day
daenzer-night.bsp - warehouses level at night
sya-night.bsp, syb-night.bsp, syc-night.bsp - The shipyards nightime
ship-night.bsp - the ship at night

OK, both ABO paths rejoin here. So it's linear from here on out again.

rescue_cin.bsp - The debriefing cinematic with Jessica
museum.bsp - Freeport Art Musuem
ceremony.bsp - blade's following the thugs from the heist
casino1.bsp - the exterior of the casino
casino2.bsp - the interior of the casino
smbc.bsp - the mutation facility
showdown.bsp - the end of the mutation facility where you fight end boss 1
canals_cin.bsp - cinematic of blade racing towards the power plant
nuke.bsp - end boss fight with manero
credits.bsp - our ending credits