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Summary System Requirements
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac
PC Publisher: Activision
Mac Publisher: MacPlay
Engine: Enhanced Quake II Engine
ESRB Rating: Mature
Released: November 1998
· Pentium 166 (200 MHz recommended)
· 32 megs of RAM (64 MB recommended
· Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3)
· 50 MB of uncompressed hard disk space
· 100% SoundBlaster-compatible sound card
· PCI or AGP video card with 2 MB RAM
SiN Steam Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ mainly covers technical issues and problems related to the Steam version of SiN. If you're stuck in the single player game, please check out our walkthrough.

General Issues

Single Player Issues

Multiplayer Issues

General Issues

1.1 Where can I get the Steam version of the original SiN?

The Steam version of SiN is part of the SiN Episodes: Emergence pre-order package. Anybody pre-ordering SiN Episodes: Emergence gets the Steam version of SiN, including multiplayer and SinCTF, for free. You can pre-order SiN Episodes: Emergence here on the SiN Episodes website.

1.2 Is there a way to skip the intro movies and go straight to the main menu?

To skip the intro movies, right-click on SiN (or SiN Multiplayer, depending on which part of the game you want them to disable in) in the Steam games list and select Properties. Click the 'Set launch options…' button and add the following:


Please note that this will log you in as blade unless you follow the instructions below.

1.3 How can I get SiN to log me in automatically?

To set SiN to log you in as a specific player automatically, right-click on SiN (or SiN Multiplayer, depending on which part of the game you want them to disable in) in the Steam games list and select Properties. Click the 'Set launch options…' button and add the following:

+set player playername

where playername is the name of the account you want to be logged in.

1.4 Steam saved my copy of SiN in a folder called 'Valve Test App 1309.' Is there a way to fix that?

You can solve this issue by doing the following:

  1. Close Steam.
  2. Back up your existing SiN config files. These are located in \Valve Test App 1309\base\players and \Valve Test App 1309\ctf\players. This step is optional and merely prevents you from having to set up all your preferences in SiN 1 all over again.
  3. Delete the \Valve Test App 1309\ folder.
  4. Delete the ClientRegistry.blob file that's in the Steam root
  5. Delete the Steam\config folder.
  6. Restart Steam. You will have to log in again. The next time you launch SiN 1 and SiN 1 multiplayer, the respective folders will be re-created and you can drop your config files back in.

You will not have to re-download SiN 1 unless you delete your sin 1 content.gcf file, which you shouldn't do as part of this procedure.

1.5 Where can I find the config file for my player account?

Your single player config file can be found in \Steam\SteamApps\[username]\sin 1\base\players\[playername]\config.cfg

Your multiplayer config can be found in \Steam\SteamApps\[username]\sin 1 multiplayer\ctf\players\[playername]\config.cfg

1.6 I have a Soundblaster Live 1024 and I keep getting strange echoing whenever a sound plays.

Reducing the hardware sound acceleration in Windows fixes this issue.

  1. Go to your Control Panel.
  2. Select Sounds and Audio Devices
  3. Go to Advanced Audio Properties, followed by the Performance tab.
  4. Move the slider down a notch.

If you still experience the same issue, try reducing the hardware audio acceleration even further.

1.7 I have a Soundblaster Audigy card and none of the sounds play correctly.

Download the latest drivers for your card from the Creative Lab website.

1.8 The weapon and NPC models keep “wobbling.” Is this normal?

Yes. This so-called “vertex swimming” is a side effect of the animation technology used in SiN and other Quake II-engine games.

1.9 I use the ATI TrayTools and SiN crashes when starting up.

The ATI TrayTools are incompatible with SiN. Disabling them before starting the game should fix the crash issue.

1.10 When selecting 1280x1024, my game doesn't stay in full screen mode.

This is a known issue. 1280x1024 was not available in the original version of the game and the team is currently working on getting this fully implemented. The implementation that's there right now works for most people, but on some machines, the game will go into windowed mode if this resolution is selected. A fix for this is forthcoming.

Single Player Issues

2.1 I have the French version of SiN and can't progress past the Chemical Plant level without the game crashing.

Update: This issue was resolved in the latest patch.

This crash occurs due to corrupted script files. You can download the correct script files here.

  1. Unzip this file, and you'll have five script files.
  2. In your \Steam\SteamApps\[username]\sin 1 folder, create a "base" folder.
  3. Inside the base folder you just created, create a "locale" folder.
  4. Inside the locale folder you just created, create a "fr" folder.
  5. Inside the fr folder you just created, create a "dialog" folder.
  6. Copy the script files you unzipped into the dialog folder you just created.

An official update for this issue will be made available via Steam shortly.

2.2 While loading a map in single player, SiN hard-locked my system with the error “.bsp version mismatch (0 instead of 1).” What does this mean and is there a way to fix this?

This can occur when you start playing the game before it has finished downloading all the content. While the Steam version of SiN was designed in such a way that it can keep grabbing assets such as maps and textures in the background while playing, it is possible to “outrun” this preloading process either by playing too quickly or by getting slow download speeds.

If this error occurs, simply let the game download content for about 30 minutes before playing again.

2.3 When I select Training in SiN 1 Multiplayer, my game crashes.

The Training currently option only works from within the single player part of SiN 1.

Multiplayer Issues

3.1 How can I change my name in multiplayer?

You can change your name in the multiplayer options menu. You can get to it either via the main menu (Game -> Multiplayer -> Set Multiplayer Options) or by pressing [F5]. After putting in your desired name in the respective field, press [Enter] to apply it.

3.2 I can't see any internet servers in the in-game server browser.

You can look for internet games using the Steam server browser. The in-game browser works for locating LAN games only.

3.3 When looking for SiN servers via the Steam browsers, all I see are servers running 'Valve Test App 1309.'

Update: This issue was resolved in the latest patch.

This is merely a visual bug that will be fixed shortly. While displayed as 'Valve Test App 1309', the servers are in fact running SiN and you can connect to these normally. A fix for this issue is being worked on and should be available via Steam shortly.

3.4 In multiplayer, the chat and death messages at the top of the screen appear garbled and illegible. How can I fix this?

While in the game, press [–] once. That will fix the issue.

3.5 Is there a list of known multiplayer issues?

The following is a list of known multiplayer issues:

  • Changing from a CTF map to a deathmatch map on a server can cause the server to exit unexpectedly. This is not supported behavior.
  • On the "Game Info" view of a server in the Steam Server Browser, the time played shown for players who were in a multiplayer game prior to a map change can potentially be shown as a negative time (for example, -2m -18s).
  • Config files are not shared between SiN and SiN Multiplayer. If you make changes to settings in one, you will have to make the same changes to the other.

3.6 I bought SiN Episodes, and I want to start a SiN 1 dedicated server, but I don't want to use HLDSUpdate.

There are two batch files that you can use to start a SiN 1 dedicated server without using HLDSUpdate. Download them here.

Unzip them into your \Steam\SteamApps\[username]\Sin 1 folder, overwriting the two batch files that are there.

You can then run ds_deathmatch.bat to create a deathmatch dedicated server, or ds_sinctf.bat to create a SiNCTF dedicated server.