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Summary System Requirements
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac
PC Publisher: Activision
Mac Publisher: MacPlay
Engine: Enhanced Quake II Engine
ESRB Rating: Mature
Released: November 1998
· Pentium 166 (200 MHz recommended)
· 32 megs of RAM (64 MB recommended
· Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3)
· 50 MB of uncompressed hard disk space
· 100% SoundBlaster-compatible sound card
· PCI or AGP video card with 2 MB RAM
NOTE: The latest version of Sin is avaliable only through Steam. This page lists updates to the original retail version of the game.

Sin 1.00 - 1.11 (Windows)

Release Date:

February 9, 2001
31.23 MB


Version 1.11 of Sin is not officially supported by Activision. Please do not contact their Technical Support department for problems you encounter while using Sin version 1.11. Please send any bugs or problems you have to sinbugs@ritual.com.

Version 1.11 includes:

- added GameSpy internal server browser support
- Includes additional user CTF levels, ctf_barge, ctf_defense and SINnlos_ctf
- fully compatible with Macintosh version
- fixed sound compatibility problems

Version 1.10 includes:

- Cheat variable protected a bunch of developer commands
- fixed CTF flag cheat where you could join the other team while taking the flag with you.
- say_talk spamming fixed
- various bug fixes
- added cl_speechdelay - spam control for speech synthesis, defaults to 1000
- added cl_nospeech - archived cvar that controls whether or not speech is active
- added ctf_forcejoin as archivable variable.
- fixed bug with cinematics and Direct X 7.0
- fixed annoying phantom windows that are left after vid_restarting

Version 1.07 - 1.09 were internal version numbers.

Version 1.06 includes:

- New Map "Spool". Spool is a 2-5 player deathmatch map created by Zor.
- 3DNOW! code bugs/crashes have been fixed
- Savegames have been fixed
- a deathmatch-only "auto switch weapons" flag has been added. Turning this flag off will make it so that players don't automatically switch weapons when running over a new weapon.
- there is now a new messagemode for talking, messagemode3. This mode can also be accessed from typing, "say_talk":

say_talk [pitch] text

pitch - is optional, with 1 being normal, 2 being twice as high as normal and 0.5 being half as normal.

text - What ever you type will be phoenetically translated and synthesized.

Version 1.05 includes:

General Fixes
- New 3DNOW! optimized renderer
- fixed demos
- Added in game camera scripting system

Camera instructions:

After playing a path, the camera can be referenced by the targetname “_loadedcamera”.

Camera commands:

cam load [filename]
Loads the camera path from cams/[filename].cam

cam save [filename]
Saves the current path to cams/[filename].cam. If the targetname of the path has not been set, then it is set the same as [filename].

cam savemap [filename]
Saves the current path to cams/[filename].map. Creats a MAP file compatible version of the camera path which can be inserted into your map files.

cam setpath [targetname]
Changes the current path to the path with the specified targetname.

cam settargetname [targetname]
Sets the targetname of the current path point [targetname].

cam settarget [target]
Sets the target of the current path point to [target]. Doing this will cause the entity with the targetname of [target] to be triggered when the camera reaches this path point.

cam setspeed [speed]
Sets the speed of the camera at this path node. Speed is displayed above the currently selected path point when the path is being drawn. Speed is the number of path points the camera will go through per second, so a speed of 2 makes the camera take ½ a second per path point. Speed defaults to 1.
SetSpeed sets the speed on the current node and any nodes added in the future.

cam add
Creates a new path point at the current player location and angle using the current speed.

cam delete
Deletes the currently selected path point. The current node then becomes the path point that was immediately after the path point.

cam replace
Changes the position, angle, and speed of the currently selected path point to that of the player and current speed.

cam moveplayer
Places the player at the position of the current path point. The player’s view remains the same, however.

cam next
Selects the next point in the path.

cam prev
Selects the previous point in the path.

cam show
Displays the current path. The Current path point is draw in yellow with the speed drawn above it. At each node, a coordinate system is drawn to show the orientation. Red is forward, green is right, blue is up. The lines draw between path points to indicate the direction the camera will take.

cam hide
Stops drawing the current path.

cam play
Makes the camera play the path once.

cam play [targetname]
Causes the camera to play the path specified by targetname once.

cam loop
Makes the camera play the path and continuously loop.

cam loop [targetname]
Makes the camera play the path specified by targetname and continuously loop.

cam stop
Stops the camera and switches the view back to the player.

cam watch [targetname]
Mark the node to tell the camera to watch the specified target when the camera gets to that control point. Use ‘*1’ for targetname to specify the player.

cam nowatch
Mark the node to tell the camera to stop watching any entities when the camera gets to that control point.

CTF Fixes
- fixed forcejoin for CTF. set ctf_forcejoin to 1.
- made Quantum Destabilizer less powerful during CTF.
- fixed drop weapon bug where you gain ammo.

Version 1.04 code includes:

- SinCTF Support ( See readmectf.txt for more information )
- Automatic map/skin downloading ( 'set allow_download 1' on the server to activate )
- Decreased latency for weapon firing
- Reduced network traffic for deathmatch messages
- Removed copy protection
- Various bug fixes

Technical Issues

Copy Protection Disabled
Even though you no longer need the CD in the drive to play Sin, we recommend that you keep the CD in the drive while playing. Playing without the CD is an unsupported feature.

Sin 1.10 and save games
Updating your Sin version to 1.10 may result in incompatible save games from previous versions. While every effort has been made to make them backwards compatible, they may not function correctly.

VooDoo3 users
You should set the video options to "Default OpenGL". While 3DFX OpenGL may work with your Voodoo3, Default OpenGL is the preferred setting

VooDoo2 users
Under the Controls / Video Controls menu there is a setting labeled 'Texture Mode.' The settings are Auto (the default), 8-Bit, and 16-Bit modes. Leaving this as Auto is the recommended setting and will yield the best performance. If you set this to 16-bit mode, you may notice reduced frame-rate in several areas of the game, mainly in deathmatch.

3Dfx Banshee chipset
On some Banshee chipset based cards, users will not see the "hit any key to continue" load screen dialog box immediately after a level load. Press any key and the dialog box will come up. Press another key to continue.

Some Banshee chipset based card users will find that Sin levels will look a bit dark. Entering these two console commands may lighten up the map some.

gl_modulate 2.5

EAX support:
EAX support will only work with EAX capable cards like the Sound Blaster Live.

S_checkeax - ( default 1 )This variable controls whether or not EAX will be checked when the sound system is started. It is an archived variable, so if you change it, your changes will be saved.

The following are advanced variables controlling EAX effects.

S_eax_reverblevel - ( default 0.4 )The mix ratio between reverb and dry for the EAX effects.

A3D 2.0 support
A3D 2.0 support will only work with cards containing the Aureal Vortex 2 chipset. The Diamond MX300 is one of these cards.

If you are experiencing problems (crashes) while using the A3D support, try deleting the a3dapi.dll from the sin directory. Sin should automatically find the correct a3dapi.dll in your windows directory.

S_use3dsound - ( default 1 )Controls whether A3D is to be used or not.

The following are advanced variables controlling A3D 2.0 effects.

S_rolloff - ( default 0.9 )
S_doppler - ( default 0.0 )
S_distance - ( default 23 )
S_min_distance - ( default 11 )
S_max_distance - ( default 10000 )
S_2dvolume - ( default 0.88 )
S_watereq - ( default 0.1 )
S_geometry - ( default 1 ) Controls whether A3D 2.0 functions are to be used.

Sin 1.1.3 (Mac)

Release Date:

February 20, 2001
2.96 MB

Fixes the following:

- Cannot assign "USE" key in InputSprocket.
- Launching SiN generates the following error message: "The Application "SiN" could not be opened, because "SiN" could not be found."
- Game crashes when a movie plays on a multi monitor system, and one of the video cards is a 3dfx Voodoo card.
- Game crashes with a type 12 error on video card/monitor configs that don't support gamma (Voodoo 3/5 with the Apple 15" display).
- If Extensions folder is not called "Extensions" (as in some localized versions of MacOS), SiN couldn't find the Indeo plug in.
- SiN crashes intermittently with a "Type 2" error.
- Pulse Rifle in Wages of SiN displayed incorrectly.
- When logging into a server that has a map that you don't have. SiN will begins downloading the map, then gives a "Rename Failed" error.
- Video Option menu in Wages of SiN fixed.
- After winning Wages of SiN, video mode defaults to 1024x768.
- Saved games from Wages of SiN conflicting with SiN saved games.
- When selecting a video mode larger than your desktop mode, a window is created that only contains a portion of the game screen.
- When playing Capture the Flag from GameRanger, the HUD displays improperly.
- General issues handling multi-monitor systems.
- Display cards that don't support 8 bit modes can not be used.
- When using a non-English localized version of InputSprocket, the Arrow keys, escape key and return key don't work.