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Summary System Requirements
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac
PC Publisher: Activision
Mac Publisher: MacPlay
Engine: Enhanced Quake II Engine
ESRB Rating: Mature
Released: November 1998
· Pentium 166 (200 MHz recommended)
· 32 megs of RAM (64 MB recommended
· Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3)
· 50 MB of uncompressed hard disk space
· 100% SoundBlaster-compatible sound card
· PCI or AGP video card with 2 MB RAM
SiN Walkthrough

Welcome to Sexual Chocolate's Guide to SiN

The following guide is split into four parts which contain: enemy location, weapon/ammo/health locations, secrets, and some alternative routes.

I know this guide's crappy :D but it was done fairly quickly and it's hard to do a good one in a notepad document that looks good.

If anyone has any problems with some of the levels, e-mail me for a demo or if you want a level not covered by the guide then also e-mail me at this address below....



I might as well put it here instead of adding something after part 4 :)

  • Hekcorps for information on one of the secrets in construction zone
  • All the people at SiNpost and Ritualistic forums for being a great community and also for posting help to other people which I picked up on :)
Enjoy the Guide! :)

Lvl 1 Over Freeport City Bank

*Primary Objectives*

1. Destroy Rocket Turrets
2. Eliminate all enemies
3. Get in the Bank

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Minimize Casualties

This one's easy enough although if playing on Hardcorp then it can be a bit harder. PriObj1 is obvious, there are 3 rocket turrets, destroy them. PriObj2 Eliminate all enemy means kill all the heavy grunts. PriObj3 is to complete PriObj1 and PriObj2. In order to get the secondary objective, shoot the pillar beside the city bank entrance, which has a crack in it.

Lvl 2 Freeport City Bank

*Primary Objectives*

1. Disable Hostile Threat
2. Locate Security Office Key
3. Gain access to Vault
4. Chase Mancini

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Unlock all Security Doors
2. Minimize Hostage Casualties

Turn around and walk backwards, shoot the grunt. Proceed round corner and shoot the wandering grunt and his buddies should appear, get them too.

Go to the escalator and push, move backwards up it and shoot the grunts that drop down. Head through the door to the right, then save the hostage by pressing the use key. Go through the two doors and shoot the guard who's holding the hostage, move towards her and cap the two grunts who drop through the roof. Use the hostage :). Grab the helmet and key on the table. (PriObj2 Completed)

Back to where you saved the first hostage, shoot the heavy and regular grunts who are waiting and proceed through the door to where the escalator is, shoot the grunt. Straight on there's an archway, go through it and you'll hear Mancini (your crappy nemesis). Wait at the end of the archway then run back just round the corner and aim towards the wall at a diagonal angle, the first heavy grunt will appear, shoot him and keep your crosshair alligned where his head was, all the grunts should run into this sight.

Theres a quarter in the fountain for phones. Jump through the window bit, open a drawer which has cash in it (optional) and go through the door. Go left into a room where there are four grunts. Save the two hostages in that room and go up the stairs. Shoot the glass window and jump through. A shotgun grunt will burst through the door, kill him and access the computer....

Select option one and pick unlock security doors, go back to main menu and select option 2, pick set low security. Then go to current vault passcode to see what the random current vault code is (keep a note of these two numbers). Open the cupboard behind you and get the shotgun, armour, and health. Head through the nearest door and shoot the grunt. To the left of him is another door kill the two heavy grunts in there, then save the hostage. Theres a picture in the wall you can "use" to access a secret of Ritual's mission pack for Quake 1.

Right off back to the where you start then (through door on left and back through the archway, down the escalator). Head through the large main door and through the archway. Open the door and clear out the room, including the grunts who drop in. Head up the stairs and kill all the heavy grunts who run out of the door, theres about 3 of them. Go in the door and into the room where there are another couple of heavy grunts, save the two hostages. (SecObj2 Completed)

Back out that room head through the spinning doors that lead outside. Now a little sub mission, run right round to the front of the bank, kill all enemies trying to waste your two weenie colleagues. It might be an idea to let one of em die just to get their armour :). Head back to the vault and use the passcode you received on the two dials. (PriObj3 Completed) Watch your back for a heavy grunt. Enter the vault and pick off the two heavy grunts. You can open the door jump on the handle to get health for the second secret, head through the door next to the hole, check the file cabinets for one which has a bit missing on the corner, open it to get extra evidence (optional). Off down the hole then.

Lvl 3 Abandoned Building

*Primary Objectives*

1. Pursue Mancini
2. Eliminate Hostile Forces

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Recover Stolen Money Bass

Ah, many a newbie have been stomped on this level because of the exploding room. When you enter this level try and catch the edge of one of the 3 grunts in the hallway bit, he should step out allowing you to pick of him and the rest of em. Right at the end, duck and try and just get the heavy grunt into view, pick him off then go round and kill the regular grunt. Finally go through to the next room, what's this, A bomb? What for the grunt, kill him then look to the wall to the right of the bomb, walk up to it and press the "use" key. Crouch through the gap and make your way up the ledge, jump through the gap. "Phew, that was close".

Once you've escaped watch out for yet another grunt up on the stairwell ledge. Pick up the two bags of money. Go up the stairs and pick up the head armour. Duck beside the wall at the top of the stairs and wait till you see Mancini run away, shoot the grunt from here in order not to get hit. Mind the fall through the wood, look out for rats in this section cause they're a pain in the ass.

Go left into a small entrance and then left again into a small room with a loose support leg shoot the cracked bit and the ledge should cave in, there will be a few heavy grunts who appear when you do this but they shouldn't be a problem. Go up the stairs and, there may be a grunt up on the next level so kill him first, then head down the stairs and kill the heavy grunt and rat. You may notice a small passage, crawl through there to get one of the secrets. Head up to the highest floor without going up the plank, to the window on the far right, look down and to the left, you should notice a skip, crawl onto the window ledge and run towards the skip, you should be able to land on it and get the five or so bags of money. Head towards the hissing sounds now you should see a bum, save him and then head further down the street. There should be two grunts and after killing them you should find 3 bags of cash in the truck. Now up the plank back in the little building where you jumped from, watch for a heavy grunt with a shotgun and a one with an assault rifle. Go to the hole to the right of the plank one (where you shot the cracked wood) and run and drop onto the ledge.

Duck down and strafe right until you can see the corner of a heavy grunts head, shoot him then stay crouched and move forward until you reach a position before the grunt you just shot, look up and shoot the grunt next to Mancini in the head. Don't bother trying to climb the stairs, just jump across to the other side of the room where theres a window. Crawl through it, shoot the grunt to the right and the one above on a higher ledge. Look high and to the left to a small window, there should be a heavy grunt running about, try and shoot him. Drop down onto the ground but watch for rats and one heavy grunt, turn right and head into a room with a bum (not an arse) and go to the left of him where you should see a pipe, shoot it and enter the room, turn the wheel and thats one secret.

Climb up the ladder beside where you dropped and jump across to the other ledge, go round and crouch through the window strafing slowly to the right, theres a heavy grunt who you can kill by just seeing the corner of his head, do the same sort of thing to the other grunt higher up between two pieces of wood. Jump across all these ledges (trickier depending on difficulty setting) and one you reach the top with the thin plank, crouch and strafe left again and use the same technique as before to kill the two heavy grunts. Jump across to the other side of the room with the window and crouch through it. Go right round and past the small window, across the plank and pick up the money bag. Go back and through the window you just passed. Watch the cracks in the floor for now and go down to the next level, there may be a heavy grunt, kill him, then look down through the floor boards for two heavy grunts, shoot them without them seeing you. Now head up the ladder and walk over the cracked floor nearest the window you came through, grab the money. (SecObj1 Completed) Go to the place where you shot the two grunts and drop down the hole to complete the remaining objectives.

Lvl 3 Construction Zone

*Primary Objectives*

1. Continue Chasing Mancini
2. Eliminate Hostile Forces

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Find Incriminating Evidence
2. Rescue Remaing Hostages

Go straight from where you start, watch for the heavy grunt who appears from the skip. Go past him and round the corner, try to kill the two grunts on the stairwell from the ground. Jump on the skip and "use" the lid in order to jump onto the ladder. Once you reach about the second level, watch out for a grunt up and opposite the building your currently climbing. Head to the level that the ladder is situated on and look off the edge and on the black wall you should see a small bit that goes inwards, jump onto the small bannister and run and jump into it, you'll find a secret and listen to what the wise bum has to say, lol. Go back up to the ladder and kill the two heavy grunts and free the hostage. Shoot the grunt whos on the other building and take a run at the top of the ladder you just climbed and jump across. Theres a large brown thing on the other side, shoot it and drop down the ladder, it's a secret! There are various things down here including shotguns, flares, pics :) ammo, and food in the fridge.

After climbing back up the ladder, go round the corner and kill the two grunts, proceed on round the next corner and kill the grunt near the ledge. Pick off one of the heavy grunts walking about near the bottom and drop down and try not to get hurt. Theres a construction worker trying to get to ya but he's too retarded to know how to jump so just kill him. Theres two heavy grunts roaming around here too so watch it. Go into the door that leads into a hut, pick up the key and speak to the foreman who gives you blueprints. (SecObj1 Completed)

Head outside again and kill two heavy grunts, go to the crane and use the controls to knock over a piece of metal to walk up, there's a secret on a wall near here. Shoot the barrels behind the fence then hop over it. There will be two grunts waiting on the other side of a ledge so kill them. Look down from the ledge your on and shoot the heavy grunt. Drop down and there should be two more heavy grunts roaming. Go past them and use the generator machine to temporarily turn on the lights. A shotgun grunt is nearby so watch out for him. Go down where he was and hop over the crates, there are two more heavy grunts hiding up the steps in the dark. Open the door and head outside, there will be another two heavy grunts down here. This bit is also where some people get stuck, look up and theres a piece of metal hanging, shoot it and you'll burst a water pipe. This lets you get into the large pipe that was previously unreachable.

Go left at the junction in the pipe then right to head back out into the open, look up when your still in the pipe and you can see a construction worker, hit him in the head and then run forwards to the end of the pipe and stop, two grunts who are not visible at the moment should crush the poor bugger, lol. In my case one of the heavy grunts got crushed too. Kill the remaining grunt(s) and head up the small hill. Keep going and a construction worker will appear, you can punch him to death if your feeling fancy, punch then step backwards. You can use the small vehicle to knock down the door/wall on the furthest wall in front of you but this is an alternative route. Ignore the vehicle, go left instead and shoot the broken fence and make you way through. Go right to the end of the path and you should see a section of water (caused by turning valve in last level) and head into it. Go up through the hole and watch for three heavy grunts who are fairly accurate on Hardcorp and save the last remaining hostage. (SecObj2 Completed) Go up the stairs behind you and look left, go into the water, minding the wire and swim down and into a room with crates floating about, look for two 50 healths which are a secret.

Head through the door back beside the saved hostage and kill the two shotgun grunts. Now for a bit of fun, hop on the vehicle and fly the ramps, run over the remaining enemies with it and watch the gibs fly.:) Go through down the steps to finish the level and complete the objectives.

Lvl 4 Abandoned Subway

*Primary Objectives*

1. Pursue and Capture Mancini
2. Eliminate Remaining Enemy Forces

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Minimize Civilian Casualties
2. Recover Stolen Money
3. Stop Mutant Creature

Head down the steps and kill the two grunts, watch out for rats too. Head right round the corners and look left as you enter the next room, there will be a grunt. Get the money bag then look over the ledges and kill all the rats. Go down to the floor near the green door, ahhhhhh what the hell, pant browning time :). It's a mutant, I recommend the use of the shotgun for this as it's the most powerful weapon you have at the moment, let the thing in pretty close then run backwards and unload rounds. Repeat the process. He'll run off bursting a hole through a wall. Go through the hole and kill the two heavy grunts, pick up the ammo and enter the next large room. Kill another two grunts and head left in a green door. Next to the flaming drum theres a money bag and up the stairs theres a heavy grunt. Kill him and head through the two green doors. In the next room is a money bag and at the end of it theres also a grunt.

Head back into the large room and go to the end of it, theres shotgun ammo there. Head through the hole and kill another couple of heavy grunts. In this room theres a money bag near the bum (why dont they nick it?) so go get that and theres also another one near the bottom of the stairs in the water section to the right, but kill the grunt on the left first. Go into the male toilets kill the grunt and grab the money in the cubicle. Go into the ladies toilets (it's ok go on) kill the shotgun grunt and grab the cash in that cubicle.

Go back outside and walk towards the wooden wall on the left, a grunt will break through it, watch it here, theres about three or four grunts although they leave health. Theres ammo in this room too. Go down the corridor and the wall behind you will cave in, it's time for the shotgun again methinks :). This ones slightly harder than the last meeting cause theres less space to move, it might be an idea to destroy the flaming drums to give yourself more space. Use the same technique you used the first time. When Blade says "Looks like Mancini found the power" the monster drops down onto the space where the roofs caved in, shoot him point blank there two or three times and he should run off.

Head through the hole he leaves again watching for the three heavy grunts, one of which uses a shotgun and grab the money bag near the power generator. Drop down the hole and cap the heavy grunt thats there and proceed down the steps and through the door. Try to use the same method for despatching enemies as I said before in this section, ie crouch and move to try and just see the enemies heads allowing for an easy kill, do this to all four heavy grunts in this section. At the end of this section go left and there will be another grunt. I advise you to save before this next section. Head through the door and shoot one of the six+ grunts that appear eventually appear, which includes two shotgun grunts (hardcorp setting). Theres ammo in the train car. Head right past the flaming drum next to the stairs and pick up the two money bags.

Head up the stairs and watch for any remaining grunts, head down the corridor and pick up shotgun ammo past the slab of stone. Keep going until you reach more stairs, there shouldn't me many enemies here if you took hordes on before however there may be a few so watch out. Head to the top of the stairs and collect the ammo, shotgun ammo, and the last money bag. (SecObj2 Completed)

Go to the phones and use the one on the left to gain another quarter, and then go further left to a wall which has a crack in it. Shoot it and head through for a secret. Now back down the stairs and keep going until you reach stairs heading down, theres a grunt here along with two sets of shotgun and regular ammo. Head into the train and equip your damn shotgun again. (PriObj2 Completed)

Now it's time to piss yourself, hehe, this is hard, theres even less space to fight the mutant than the last time and he takes a fair bit of punishment too, stand near the door of the train and aim the left side (in terms of the way you entered the train) and wait for the swine to drop through the roof, get a solid round in then and strafe about like a madman offloading more into the git. You'll be lucky if you survive.

Once he hops back through the roof your safe for about another ten seconds so take that time to save again if you want to, and wait for the train to stop. Get out quickly and shoot the thing before it starts hacking up all the civilians, try and get good hits in while he trys to hit you with the barrels and then just strafe around and hit him more with the shotgun, if you run out of rounds don't worry cause your weapons don't carry on to the next level. All objectives are now completed.

Lvl 5 Sintek Chemical Plant

*Primary Objectives*

1. Disable secretary watching the security cameras
2. Steal a security access card
3. Obtain entry to lower level

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Remain undetected

This level's fairly fun to play, with the the defenseless workers in yellow shouting "Jimmy run for help" while you chase them then punch the buggers to death :). At the start you should go round the corner but stop next to the doors and push the "i" key which should switch you into third person view which is extremely useful for seeing what's going on without being seen. Wait till the secretary is leaving her office and about to head down the corridor and run up behind her and punch her to death, lol. (PriObj1 Completed)

Head round the corner where she was going and crouch, you might as well change to third person again and look to your right, there will be two yellow workers (I'll call them Jimmys :) ), go straight on and take the right turn, run towards the wall next to the door quickly and change back to first person. Open the door and go left where there should be an alarm, one will probably run off but that's no concern of yours cause he goes nowhere and the other one will try to get the alarm (which you should be standing in front of) so just punch him.

Head back into the corridor and go left past the elevator, and you should come across another similar section involving three Jimmys although I recommend another way to handle this lot. Crouch again and switch to third person, keep going down the corridor till you in line with the alarm, switch back to first person and stand up, fire at the worker who goes for the alarm with your magnum through the glass, you should be able to get another one before he makes it out the door, the other one's stupid enough to run right round and head down the corridor where you are so pick him off. You can go straight on from the corridor your in and turn right to get to a section with four grunts, one of which gives you a silencer, but this is optional.

Take a right then a left and you come across yet another similar section, repeat the same sort of technique as the last one to get these two Jimmys. Go left from that section again and you should see a bit with caution tape on it, go a bit further down and look for a window, jump and crouch through it and get onto the table, go to the end of it and push the use key to pick up a weapon piece.

Go left round the corner from there and left again and look for a green door on your right, go in it, there's a door on your right where two Jimmys are but you don't need to kill them, open the lockers through the next room with the benches and one should contain a sintek uniform (third from wall). (PriObj2 Completed) There's a Jimmy through the green door that leads to the bathroom but you don't need to kill him either. Go back out the door you came to get into this section, go right round the first corner and head right down to the bottom and go in the elevator. (Remaining Objectives Completed)

Lvl 6 Sintek Chemical Plant - Part 2

*Primary Objectives*

1. Get into Security Area
2. Find way into high Security
3. Find a Sample of U4
4. Find Bioscanner
5. Escape from Chem Plant

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Avoid Security

At the start of this level head left down through the door, then the first one on the right, go down the stairs and stand next to the grunt on the security computer, wait till there's only a couple of grunts around then cap him then any remaing grunts in that room. Theres a little hole next to the computer, crouch under it and get flares, theres also a shotgun, ammo, and health next to the computer. Back in the corridor with the Jimmys in the rooms, the furthest one at the bottom on the right contains flares and health in one of the metal shutters.

Go back to the first room where theres a secretary and a grunt walking about, shoot them both, stand in front of the alarm if you have to. If you've done this section correctly then you should not have raised the alarm. In the room your in with the secretary is a computer....
Pick the first option, and then the first option again, it should say start test, select that, get off the computer, turn around and look for a grate on the wall, shoot it then very quickly crouch through it and enter the tunnels, keep going straight and eventually you'll reach a small slope, go up that and take the first left, shoot the grating and go through into the room, look near the circular hole, drop down it beside the fans then head up a ledge to the left where theres a fan still operational, shoot it and quickly head through after it's destroyed, there will be a couple of shotgun grunts but just try and get past them and head right and look for an alarm. Stop the swines reaching it which shouldn't be too hard. (PriObj1 Completed)

Two grunts are through door opposite the alarm so try and take them out, you'll know why later. Go in the door to the left of the alarm after you've disposed of the grunts, and watch out for the two grunts in this room, there will be white Jimmys too so try and stop them going for the alarm behind you. Theres health on the furthest away room to the right but unless you need it now I suggest you leave it for later.

Go down to the left section that leads to a large automatic door, theres a bridge like section here and there may be a grunt or two on the ledge above you. Go straight on and try and shoot the white Jimmys before the reach the next section, chase them and turn to the left, there will be a few grunts so kill them and remember LAB2 in this room for later. Go straight on past this room and JC will tell you that theres a scientist (who's above you) who has a security pass you need. Head back to the first room where you entered through the broken fan and mind the extra grunts who appear, once you reach the room two grunts and the scientist will appear through the door where you shot the two grunts earlier, kill them all and grab the security card of the dead scientists body.

Go up to the couple of steps where you can see two laser beams, go up, but not through the things and look left, use the panel and it should open up the beams and close the door behind you but if your not careful you may be killed by the door or run forward too quickly which get's you killed. Use the panel on the other side of this small corridor and kill the shotgun grunt who's outside. (PriObj2 Completed)

Go up the stairs and along the second level of the bridge room, go into lab three, kill the white Jimmy and grab the two small healths if you need them. Now go into Lab four and kill another white Jimmy, grab the blue security card, this allows you to get another piece of the weapon from the room to the left of where you killed the scientist with the security card, there's other things in the containers there too. There's adrenaline in the room across from the blue card too, which is nice :). Go past lab four and in the door which leads to a small room with a couple of grunts when you enter the room and another one who appears when you go nearer the computer. There's shotgun ammo, regular ammo, and health in this room so stock up.

The computer in this room plays a key part for the next bit, look at the third option, search database, you need to enter a name in here, hmmm. For now just go straight through the door to the left of the computer from which the grunt appeared, ignore labs four\five and go into six, look at the computer screen "Hello Mr. Skander" put that name in the other computer and get the password "wellofsouls" a menu will then appear......

U4 Storage
Lift Control (or something)
Select U4 Storage then select the option to open it. Head out lab six then straight to the lift and use it. You'll end up where theres U4, pick it up and you'll notice that your cover is blown, don't worry you can't complete the secondary objective. (PriObj3 Completed)

Now to find the bioscanner, remember I said remember where Lab2 was well if you've got the memory of a fish here's how to get back to that lab, go out the door past lab 4 and you'll end up in the bridge section, drop down onto the lower level and go into the room to your right, there will be a spider cyborg as well as two grunts so equip something appropriate, like a shotgun. Another spider cyborg may be close behind so kill that before you go into lab 2.

Finally go into lab 2 and go up to the fridge like thing with Bioscanner written on it, open it and press the "use" key. The U4 will be placed in it. Now go into the computer next to it and select Bioscan. (PriObj4 Completed)

Now you can exit this place, go out back into the bridge area, watch for swarms of grunts, to the right of the core in the bridge section is a small grating, drop off to the ledge beside it, shoot it and enter the sewers to complete the level. (PriObj5 Completed)

Lvl 7 Sintek Warehouse - Part 1

*Primary Objectives*

1. Sneak into warehouse

*Secondary Objectives*

1. None

After entering this level, climb the nearest ladder and open the hatch, there will be one grunt very close to you with three of four to the left of him so watch it. Once you've cleared house go to where the first grunt was and shoot the crates for health and a silencer, then go to where three grunts were and grab the head armour and ammo. Then hop in the back of the nearest moving truck.

Once it stops, look out to the right of it, there will be a grunt walking, shoot him then drop off the truck, you might want to set off the alarm, I did and a guy with a chaingun appears which is a fairly nifty weapon. Theres ammo, chaingun ammo and health in crates near the truck if you shoot them. Once you set off the alarm or not head to the right of the back of the truck and theres a red door, go in it and head left and there will be another door that leads to a computer.....
Select the first option, then "Stand down" if you set off the alarms. Select option three to open gate B which is the one near where the flashlight appears when you set the alarm off. Now go past the gate and in the nearest read door, there will be a Jimmy there so get him before he gets the alarm. Theres cheesy poofs :) in that room too but they aren't necessary. Go up the stairs and find the computer, theres more cheesy poofs behind it. The menu on the computer is the same as the one above. Select option four to open gate C. Go through it and watch for loads of grunts, one should be carrying a chaingun. Theres also crates near the red door on the left which contain chaingun ammo and a 50 health. There are three more crates in the area, two of which contain rats so watch it. If you set off the security alarm you can't get in the red door so get back to a computer and switch the alarms off (stand down). Once you go through the red door your primary objective is achieved.

Lvl 8 Sintek Warehouse - Part 2

*Primary Objectives*

1. Eliminate Warehouse Foreman

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Destroy U4 Storeage
2. Install Remote Modem

From the start strafe right while facing the wall on your left and kill the two grunts. Shoot the crate to gain the Sniper Rifle, and the rockets beside that. Hop into the forklift truck and run over the three grunts. Ram the crates behind them and run over the three more grunts. Get out of the truck and crouch forwards until you can see a grunt carrying a chaingun. Try to kill him from where you are. Four more grunts are in close vicinity, one of which is on a higher level to the left in the next area. Shoot the crates just up the two steps to get twenty rockets. If you go into the next section with the conveyor belts, look up and left slightly for a strange looking crate which has yellow stripes going round the edges, blow all of these up that you see on the level. Shoot the crates on the other side of the conveyor belt to get chaingun ammo.

Head to the next section through the small archway. There are four or five grunts that wonder about round this area beside the large crate so try and find them all. Now move towards the large crate with you shotgun equipped. A new red mutant will appear, shot it pointblank to end it. There are crates to blow up and a flare to the left before the large crate and spider mines, rockets, and a flair just beside where the large crate was. Watch out for a few more grunts from all angles in this section too.

Keep going straight on past where the crate was and turn left, go right round until you can see a large crate with a small crate on top, look to your right and there are more crates to blow up. Shoot the small crate to get a flare. Head up the lift to the left, and equip your shotgun again, it's another Red Mutant, look straight on there should be a crate to blow and go left across the narrow ledge and shoot the crates to get a couple of flares. Look straight on from the ledge and you should see more crates to destroy, jump across to where they are and go behind it and shoot the crates to get head armour, there might be other things although the boxes warped through the wall, lol. Go to the end of the ledge that's behind you and look down for two planks of wood. Drop down to get the secret gun part. Drop down from there and head down to the right and kill two grunts and pickup the ammo in the crates and head through the red door.

Go up the stairs and through the white doors until you reach a room with a crazy turret, just jump off the ledge and head for the conveyor belt, go through it ignoring the enemies for now and you'll end up in another room, head right as soon as you get off the conveyor and duck behind a series of crates, shoot the grating next to it and climb in. Go up the ladder and head right and you'll eventually end up near where the foreman is, shoot the git and grab a yellow card off him. (PriObj1 Completed)

Drop into the room to the left of the one that the foreman was in and go through the door that's behind you, this should lead to a place where there's around eight grunts (nasty!) although if you just use something like the assault rifle and aim for the head, they shouldn't be a problem. Theres a computer in this room....
Select option one and deactive the turrets. You can change the shipping schedule which I will show a bit later on, and in order to open the safe you go off the computer, place the bug onto the thing on the wall opposite the computer with "netlink" written on it. Now select office safe from the menu and open it to get the second secret. (SecObj2 Completed)

Head out the window, drop down to the left of the window and you'll see another explosive crate, theres also a green terminal, use it and Blade will change the shipping supplies. Go back to through the conveyor belt and kill the construction worker guy and the grunt with the shotgun. There are crates to blow up under the stairs and if you go on the conveyor belt next to them you get head armour, chaingun ammo, and two pulse ammos. After coming back through the conveyor theres two twenty healths in crates to the left.

Go back to the place where the foreman was and shoot out the windows, look down for a a chaingun grunt and maybe a construction worker. Drop onto the red thing on the left and drop onto the ground, open the shutter that leads to a place where theres a turret, in crates there are spider mines, flares and shotgun ammo, theres a grunt running about here too. In the next bit grunts try to lob crates on ya but just move slowly and dodge them. There's chaingun ammo, ammo and in the next section, to the left of that is more crates to blow up, there are loads of grunts and turrets which you should stealthily go about killing by ducking alot behind crates. There's pulse ammo in the truck. Go left from the truck and look left, you should see more crates to dispose of and nearly straight on from the back of the truck you should seethe last crates to destroy up on a ledge. (SecObj1 Completed) Crates with health are near this one on the ground and the exits nearby.

Lvl 9 Biomech Factory - Part 1

*Primary Objectives*

1. Infiltrate Biomech Factory
2. Shutdown Automated Security
3. Destroy Biomech Machinery

*Secondary Objectives*

1. None

For a good bit of fun, equip your sniper rifle on the way down the lift, when it opens zoom into the head of the grunt who's sitting in a chair and let rip, nasty eh! To the left of him is body armour in a crate. Go through the door to the right of the grunt, equip the assault rifle if you have good aim (Like me :) ) and aim for the heavy chaingun guy's head and take out the turret too. Theres ammo and a 50 health in the crates. Head further down and crouch, try and just get the turret over the door in view so it can't see you and destroy without taking damage. Theres more ammo in a crate nearby.

Now head through the door, watch for a turret above you and in front of you. What I did was, go to the far left handside before you open the door, press the use key to open it, and look to your diagonal right and try and hit the grunt in the office through the glass before he activates the alarm, if all goes we'll he shouldn't make it. Strafe right while crouching to get the corner of the turret over the door across the room and shoot it, then crouch slightly inside the door in front of you and look up till your crosshair turns green over the turret, destroy without taking damage.

Jump through the window, get the health, shotguns, shotgun ammo, and blue card. Now it's time to head into the next section, as you move forward red bars will appear, don't piss yerself, this is supposed to happen. Equip your chaingun with the secondary fire mode (grenades) or if you're fairly accurate use the assault rifle. Spider Cyborgs (2) will appear so just lob grenades at them, two should probably do it for each of them, now head to the grating beside where one of the spider cyborgs came from, crouch through the tubes, and shoot through another grating. (PriObj1 Completed)

Now kill the four or so grunts in this area, some of whom carry shotguns, pick up the chaingun ammo, ammo, and health lying around in crates too. Up the steps are more crates containg health and chaingun ammo. Head through the door, this bits fairly dodgy, you cannot destroy the turrets in this section, you have to run in really fast and blow up little cannister shaped things, there are four and then run right to the end of this room and through the door where you'll meet a two grunts and a heavy chaingun grunt. Thankfully there's a 50 health here.

Go through the door, theres one grunt. Deja Vu? Red bars again, we'll theres only one spider cyborg that appears this time, just use the same technique as before and proceed through the door once it's destroyed. Theres a heavy chaingun grunt in here so watch it, go right through a grating and up the ladder go through a white door and you'll end up at a hole, theres a heavy chaingun grunt there, try and hit him, if he goes out of view just bounce grenades to hit him. Drop down and get the leg armour out the crate.

Go through the door into a large room with a few grunts and Jimmys as well as a turret. Try and stop the grunts from activating the alarm. Once you've cleared out the room, pick up the head armour, body armour and the health. Access the computer......


Pick the first option and unlock security doors, then the seconds and disable the automated security. (PriObj2 & PriObj3 Completed, I'm not sure though cause I looked at the updated list later and it was complete) Go through the door in the middle of the room and destroy the spider cyborg. Up the stairs and kill the heavy chaingun grunt and the other five or six grunts in the room trying not to raise the alarm. Pick up the ammo, shotgun ammo, and 50 health in the crates. Go through the next door and kill yet another spider cyborg and get the 20 health out the crate.

This is a must Save bit, theres three heavy chaingun grunts here and the save should be used just as a precaution. The good thing about it though is that they have 50 healths on them so you should be stocked up. Go through the door and kill the spider cyborg, step on the panel and the door will open. End of level.

Lvl 10 Biomech Factory - Part 2

*Primary Objectives*

1. Upload Virus to Biomech Matrix Computer
2. Shut Down Biomech Security
3. Destroy Biomech Creations
4. Proceed to Freeport Dam

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Access Sintek Database

There is a heavy chaingun grunt in front of you when you open the first door but he can usually be picked off without being hit. Go straight on and in the door where you'll find a couple of grunts along with a computer. Dispose of the grunts and pick "Matrix Uplink" from the menu. (PriObj1 Completed) Also select the first option "Security Doors" and unlock them.

From the start go left for a room with a couple of grunts and a Jimmy that goes for the alarm, concentrate on him, two spider cyborgs appear from the floor when you go closer towards the computer screen. Clear this room out except for one white Jimmy who should be on his knees, press the "use" key and he'll go and enter the password into the database computer. (SecObj1 Completed)

Go through the room with that was previously "damn, security door" and kill the two grunts. Enter the next room and watch out for a heavy chaingun grunt, a few grunts, shotgun grunts, and a spider cyborg. Theres ammo lying to the right of the door. Go through the doors in this section until you reach a room with about four or five grunts, you may notice a red button on the wall, it has FAB written above it, you have to push a series of these in each section.

Keep going, through the door, kill the three grunts, through another door, kill two grunts and press the second FAB button. Next door there are two grunts and a spider cyborg. Through another one and shoot the display directly in front of you to expose the heavy chaingun grunt and try and finish him before he turns to fire. Press FAB 3. (PriObj2 Completed)

Go through the door and kill the shotgun grunt. Step on the panel to open the door, step into this room for a little chat with Elexis, she'll send mutants on ya. Just use the grenade launcher couple with assault rifle head shots to finish them off. (PriObj3 Completed)

Go up the lift, and where Elexis was there's a green keycard. Proceed through the door, kill the heavy chaingun grunt, go through the other door and you may notice the mutants have appeared near the start area.

In the room where the spiders came up through the floor there are a couple of heavy chaingun grunts, kill them then go up the lift, there's a helicopter here with a rocket launcher grunt, heavy chaingun grunt, mutant and a regular grunt so save beforehand. There's ammo and health lying around too.

Up the steps, open the door, kill the grunt and open the roof on the computer to complete the level. (PriObj4 Completed)

End of Part I

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