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Summary System Requirements
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac
PC Publisher: Activision
Mac Publisher: MacPlay
Engine: Enhanced Quake II Engine
ESRB Rating: Mature
Released: November 1998
· Pentium 166 (200 MHz recommended)
· 32 megs of RAM (64 MB recommended
· Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3)
· 50 MB of uncompressed hard disk space
· 100% SoundBlaster-compatible sound card
· PCI or AGP video card with 2 MB RAM

John R. Blade:

Born in the bustling city of Freeport on June 28, 2007 to Charles and Sherilyn Palmer Blade. Owner of HARDCORPS. You play him in the game. - Visit Ritual's Blade Info page


Born in Freeport City on August 12th, 2016. He's the master hacker of HARDCORPS. Was hired by Blade after he tried to hack the HARDCORPS servers. - Visit Ritual's JC Info page

Elexis Sinclair:

The bitch of the game. Born on April 12, 2006, Elexis is the head of SinTEK Industries. She wants to change the world. Not for the good... - Visit Ritual's Elexis Info page