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Default Wages of Sin trouble (and other problem)

EDIT: I am SUCH an idiot. Disregard the WoS "problem." I sure feel stupid.

Other problem: I have a CD of Sin 1.01 and a disc image of 1.00. I am unable to find the original Elexis nude skin (the "folder-x" one) in the pak0.sin's of either one. In DragonUnpacker 5 there is a folder-x, but it only contains one file, called "bathtime.sam". In SinView 1.2b no folder-x is visible. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Default Re: Wages of Sin trouble (and other problem)

Not sure, I believe folder-x was only included in the very first batch of copies (though why your 1.00 image doesn't have it, I don't know). It should be in base\models\pl_elexis.

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