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Default horribly slow load times during new levels (nothing new here)

From what I've seen here and at g.o.d.'s FAKK forum, slow load times (avg. of 4 minutes) are more common than I thought. At first I though it as just me... after all, I only have a celeron 333, 64MB CAS-2 PC-100 RAM, a 32MB VRAM Viper 770 TNT2, 52x CDROM drive, and a 10 gig UDMA 33 HDD. But then I read here about people with BIGGER systems having the *same* problem.

I mean, shouldn't I have even longer load times since my machine is of a "lesser" kind? If it is just the hardware, why the game takes just about the same time to load for me as those people with 263MB RAM and GeForces? Couldn't the problem be with the *game* itself? Some people here are just too lenient with the developers... I don't have money to burn though...

I hear a lot of people saying "Oh, but the game runs fine with my 256 MB of RAM and my Pentium XXI and GeForce card"... but what are the *advertised* minimum requirements?
CPU: PII 300 or equivalent, Memory: 64 MB. Granted, minimum requirements must be always taken with a grain (or barrel) of salt, but *still*... I trusted the developers when they made such claims and placed links to raving reviews on the official site... I wanted to buy a new game, not a new computer. False advertisement?

I really tried to like the game, but all of this has ruined my experience of the game. I only hope they get out a *real* patch that fixes those horrible load times...
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