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Default Vis times vs Radiocity times

I hear alot of people complaining about vis times...times upto like 13 hours.
My map takes maybe 15 minutes to vis
but the radiocity part takes about an hour and a half. Does that mean that the people that take 13 hours to vis take 78 hours for radiocity...hehehe...probably not... just wondering what the relationship is. maybe if people dont use very much radiocity lighting. i dunno...got any ideas?
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Default Re: Vis times vs Radiocity times

Well for a map that I just finished, it took 10 hours to vis, and about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to do radiocity.

But a test map that I tried one took 15 hours to vis (it was a huge, huge open room) and about 20 mins to do radiocity.

my guess is the 2 hour radiosity time was due to the map being totaly "outdoors", and rading sky brush light takes a hell of a lot longer.

just my guess though, could be wrong.


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