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Default Can you still get Sin to work on Win 10?

Topic says it all... Found my old CD and tried to install it to Win 10, but nope, doesn't work. I run a small YT -channel now and wanted to make a Let's Play of my favorite "old" game.

If anybody has Sin working on a win10 machine, please tell me how.

PS. Papa duelia?

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Default Re: Can you still get Sin to work on Win 10?

Hey! Sure you can get it to work; it's not necessarily a problem with Win 10 itself but rather the old OpenGL driver SiN uses. There are two workarounds.

1) Use Nvidia Inspector to limit the OpenGL Extensions. The extension limit needs to be at some single-digit number for SiN to load.

2) Follow this article here: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/SiN -- I believe it says somewhere you have to replace the file ref_gl.dll in the SiN directory with a hacked version to get around the extension limit thingie. I'd go try this first.

Post back if you need more help, or message me!

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