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Default Help with running SE1 under Linux/Wine

I don't know if there is anyone else who is
using the Wine emulator to run SE1 under Linux
but I have a couple of small but annoying issues.
Using Wine v. 9.37 and PClinuxOS I can run the
game fine except that the crosshair is the letter
"A". This is not a unique problem, but nothing I do
will correct this. I have verified files, defragged,
reinstalled the game, reinstalled Steam, and even
downloaded another set of fonts that was linked
in this post:
Also, SE1 will resize my desktop from 1280x800
(default desktop resolution) to 1024x768 (game
resolution). Half-Life 2 doesn't behave like this
neither does SE1 if I am running it under WIndows.
Are there any Linux/Wine users who might know any fixes
for these problems?
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Default Re: Help with running SE1 under Linux/Wine

I'm pretty sure its because the font file isn't getting registred since you are emulating, see if you can find some where of registring the .tff file in the gcf.

Ill look into it more on Monday if it doesnt help.

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