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Default Why does the site keep thinking I'm not logged in?

I come to this site, I log in, I read a thread, I click the quote button to reply, I spend a while typing in my reply, sometimes as long as 15-20 minutes for some, click the preview button and it tells me that I'm not logged in. I enter my name & password again, it thanks me for logging in, then I get the same screen telling that I'm not logged in. It seems that the only way to make it work is to go back to the reply page, copy the text I've entered, then go to the top page of the forum, log in there, then open the thread again and start a new reply, paste in my text and then click Submit.

Note that I have allowed the cookie from this site, although I make it a habit to block uncolicited cookies as a rule. I currently have Firefox set to reject cookies, but this has never affected my ability to log onto other sites that I have previously allowed cookies from.

It's like the logon expires in just a few minutes and it won't let me re-logon from the page that comes up when you try to post while not logged in.
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Default Re: Why does the site keep thinking I'm not logged in?

I do nor have the same trubles and never had asfar as i can remember...
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