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Default Holy crap

I was trying to login to my account today, but instead of getting my current account, I somehow logged into my old account I created back in the SiN1 days. I forgot that I even had it, but since I had forgotten my password, I typed in the name I thought my new account had and the email address I currently have. But the email address in this account is forwarded to my current address, SO the password was sent directly to me anyway and bam I have my old account back. My question is, could you guys merge Zinfacter with Zerofactor? Just change my name to Zinfacter and tally up the posts please. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

edit: I know what happened now, since I entered my current address, it notified my old address that someone(me) was trying to access the account. In turn this caused it to forward to my current one anyway. heh Crazy
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Default Re: Holy crap

Since you only have 6 posts, can't you just use your old one, or do you like your new name?
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