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Default E3 2003 Coverage Roundup - Preshow / Day 1

<list>[*]CSX Hands-On
IGN has unlocked their E3 report about Counter-Strike on the Xbox, offering hands-on impressions of the #1 tactical shooter with an install base of 2 million PC users. New details: CSX is using the familiar Halo controls and buying weapons is done through a simple pie menu.

<list>[*]Shots from the Show Floor
Gamers.com & GameSpy snapped photos of Counter-Strike on display</a> at Microsoft's E3 booth. You can also drool over the photos taken of booths showcasing Elite Force II. By the way, part 1 of HomeLAN Fed's booth babe gallery features a Klingon female.

Condition Zero made its annual E3 appearance for the last time.

<list>[*]CSX Trailer

The E3 trailer is out for Counter-Strike. Windows Media Player is required to view the video, running time is 1 minute and 13 seconds. You can check it out in high res or low res.

Update: Trailer in QuickTime Format (11.9 MB)</a>

<list>[*]EF2 Screenshots

GameSpot has added 13 screenshots, including a new shot of the Idryll female better known as the bikini-clad scientist. There's another gallery up at GameSpy with 2 new screenshots in the 1st column.</list>

<list>[*]CSX Preview
GameSpy brings you their rundown on the Xbox conversion of Counter-Strike. Take a look at the new visual enhancements such as a "dynamic gamma ramping" effect that negatively affects your vision.

<list>[*]EF2 Preshow Report
Activision's Star Trek action game will have bigger weapons, more missions, and new gameplay elements, and we can expect to see it at E3.

<list>[*]Xbox Games Press Release
Microsoft provided a sneak peek at Counter-Strike, "designed by Valve and Ritual Entertainment, two of the world’s most renowned game developers," shipping holiday 2003. New Xbox Live features rolling out over the next year will improve clan-based competition on the service.

<list>[*]EF2 Trailers
GeekyGamer.net has mirrored the E3 video and the recently released gameplay trailer.</list>
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Default Re: E3 2003 Coverage Roundup

EF2 will be showcased at no less than three booths, so we can expect plenty of press coverage this year.
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Default Re: E3 2003 Coverage Roundup

Some users are having problems with the CSX trailer links.

Try launching WMP, Open URL (CTRL+U) and paste:



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Default Re: E3 2003 Coverage Roundup


pc wants the graphics too..
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