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Default Finally Rented CSX....

I was surprised to see how well it entertained. The models, sounds, sprites, and maps all looked awesome. I just wanted to put this game in my pc and play it, it really got me pumped for cz.
Ofcourse, the biggest downfall was the lack of m/k support. But the controls were really intuitive. Once you figure out what everything is and get the flow of things, it plays really nicely. I liked how the gun switching works, and that crouching is really easy as opposed to the left thumb-stick. The controls are easy to pick up if you play halo.
It is like a whole new game though. The lack of control means that the gun balancing is a little different. What worked on the pc isn't as easy now. I personally owned a server going rambo. And the mp5 is a favorite. Although the silenced colt is probably the best weapon, along awp ofcourse.
Overall I thought it was a solid title, but I wonder how it will sell. With so many people playing on pc, i doubt many will buy it plus the expense of xbox live.

Which brings me to the worst part of a microsoft world. My brother went to the store with some christmas gift cards and bought a one year subscription to xbox live. He came home and I helped him set it up. Even though he bought a year subscription card there is no way for him to have an account without entering a credit card number. And if we don't cancel the account before the year is up, it starts charging my card $5.99 per month. What kind of bull is that. Yes, i said my card, my little brother doesn't have a credit card.
MS is really shooting themselves in the foot. They want all these people to buy and use their products to be a console force. And they expect people who aren't old enough to have a credit card to get xbox live, and pay for an $80 starter kit?
If i had a kid I would get him a ps2 with a network adapter for FREE internet play, the way it should be. On top of that, Mech Assault has some update to download that will charge my card $4.99 if I download it. I swear if there are any updates to Halo 2 that cost money I'm rioting.
As you can see that kinda pissed me off (and ran me a little off-topic).

The funniest thing was that when I got xbox live I went to download "new" content. I downloaded office and inferno. And what do you know, both maps were only 4 blocks each. Wow and they have loading screens, and the bots know the maps. And hey didn't ritual finish the game months ago. MS makes it so that you need a credit card, and you have to be a certain age to set up an account, then they think little kids are playing that cant tell the difference between mechassault maps taking 2 minutes to download, and counter-strike's taking 2 seconds. I heard they did the same thing with RTCW. What a gimmick. They make you get xbox live just to unlock content on the cd that should already be in the game.

Anyway, thats my rant. Didn't intend to end this post like that but hey, I'm pissed. CSX is a good game, and the controls were well thought out, the bots are alot of fun, I just cant wait to play cz. It's like a major update to counter-strike. I think all of us here will be using the player and weapon models from ritual on our cz, which will make it even better.
Oh ya, another cool thing was that the player models match the level your playing, but I dont like that there's no variety in the models (all t's look the same, all cts look the same), but overall it's really cool.
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