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Default Map Creation Question about SIN

Hello there,

Happy new year to all.. if there are any...

Sin and Wages of Sin are games that I spent a lot of my childhood playing, hence, I still love those games, and miss 'em.

It's depressing what happened to them.

To bring some more joy into my life, I am recreating 2015dm1 for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

I already did most of the hard work, but I am trying to figure something out, and I was hoping someone here may steer me in the right direction..

What I need is a way to see the angle of the sky lighting, color and brightness in 2015dm1.bsp (Wages of Sin Deathmatch 1).

I tried countless editors, and there were no entities that indicate environmental light information. I checked WorldSpawn entity but it didn't contain anything.

I understood that Sin was build on a heavily modified quake 2 engine, so I tried with GtkRadiant and other Quake2 editors, but couldn't find any information.

I researched a lot, but can't find anything for Sin. If you google "Sin".. everything else shows in the results except this game. It's so sad..

Please guys.. I want to remake this map and play it in Counter-Strike, if that is the closest I can get to playing Wages of Sin 2015dm1.bsp... I want to make it as accurate as possible...

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