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Default Ritual Tribe Almost Wiped Out by Half an Axle

The Ritual Tribe came close to certain destruction early Tuesday afternoon when an 8 wheeler lost half an axle on the nearby highway overpass and it was catapulted down into the street right in front of the Ritual offices. After brushing a light, the axle hit a parking garage across the street where it left a gaping hole. It then came to rest right in front of the Ritual building. Thanks to the brave and selfless efforts of several Tribesmen, we're able to bring you several pictures straight from the scene:
<div align=center>

<table cellspacing=4 border=0 width=510><tr>
<td width=170>[img]/screens/tireofdoom/thumbs/01.jpg[/img]

The damaged parking garage.</td>
<td width=170 valign=top>[img]/screens/tireofdoom/thumbs/02.jpg[/img]

The light hit by the axle.</td>
<td width=170>[img]/screens/tireofdoom/thumbs/03.jpg[/img]

The damage as seen from Ritual's offices.</td>
<td valign=top>[img]/screens/tireofdoom/thumbs/04.jpg[/img]

The axle that almost wiped out the Tribe.</td>

The hole was quickly patched up with sturdy styrofoam plates.</td>
Early reports indicate that this was not a terrorist act and merely an accident. Nevertheless, the Department of Homeland Security urged the citizens of Dallas to remain vigilant and to 'buy more duct tape'.
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