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Default My Hogmanay adventure for NY 2007

As some of you may have known (I think I told about 3 people on this board), I spent about 10 days over in my birthplace of Aberdeen, Scotland for the holidays.

We have an event called Hogmanay in Scotland for the New Year's celebration: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hogmanay

The street party was held on Union Street in the Castlegate area. My fiance and a couple of old friends of mine stayed for the Finlay Macdonald Band. Our tastes in music precluded us from listening to pop music crap coming from some band called Wet Wet or some shit like that, so we spent their time onstage swigging back the scotch whiskey and hurling Molotov cocktails at the large bearcrow. We would try and simultaneously throw all at once for a large explosion; event security really didn’t like that after awhile

After the great pipes from Finlay Macdonald, we slowly made our way to my friends house. But of course the long journey, enhanced by inebriated stumbling, took awhile. I believe we left the street party at 12:30, soon after the stroke of midnight hullabaloo. The first area we trespassed on was the bus depot, and I of course armed with my cinema knowledge immediately likened it to The Transporter. There we were running around between the parked busses for a brief interlude before someone shouted out at our activities and we bolted.

Ultimately before we made it home, we navigated across a poorly lit public park. Well, when you’re ever so slightly under the influence of alcohol, and your friends are smash-faced, that inner-child comes out of you The name of the game was hide-n-seek. It was the best game of it I’ve ever had, heightened by my verbose spouting of Predator quotes when caught, such as “Mac! MAAAC!!!”, “GO! Get to da choppah!”, and “I’m gonna have me some fun tonight” when searching. It got to the point of the sleeping residents nearby shouting out of their windows for us to STFU. If you know anyone on Springbank Terrace who received a “Sir, there’s something out there waiting for us, and it aint no man!” response to his quiescent request, that was me

After all that we finally made it to my friends place at somewhere between 3-4 am I believe. Unbeknownst to me, her boyfriend had a Wii. My first taste of the radical console, and I was at that point drinking more under the safety of a familiar roof. So there I was, hammered and trying to play Wii bowling with a bottle of Glenfiddich in one hand, the Wiimote in the other. Yes, I did mistake the bottle of whiskey for the remote once, sending the liquid content into the TV screen.

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Default Re: My Hogmanay adventure for NY 2007

Sounds like a good time.

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