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Default Broadband

I'm moving houses tomorrow and as part of the move I'm planning on getting a faster broadband service, like this one: https://www.bethere.co.uk/

24Mbit for £24 per month, it sounds too good to be true and I don't know anyone that has heard of it. So do you know if it's real or some sort of con, even BT hadn't heard of them when I told them my reason for canceling my BT 2Mbit.

Do reply today if at all as I won't have internet tomorrow as I'll be in transit to the other place.

I think this counts as PC tech, anyway it seems related to the subject.
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Default Re: Broadband

Well I can't say about that specific business, but I'm sure the UK has something like the better business bureau where you could check for fraud activity?

But that's not unheard of. Some small town businesses for example take it upon themselves to actually provide service beyond the call, so to speak.
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Default Re: Broadband

No idea. Ask the locals.

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