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Fecess Breath
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It is finally happening. Fecess Breath is signing off.
Fecess Breath has grown beyond the confines of the Sin community, and Fecess Breath must take leave. Thanx to all who have posted and sent their kind words to Fecess Breath.

Thanx to the FB posse:
- Felicity Lagwell - Cleanin' da house at 14.4!
- TurboTramp - Thanx lover, for the mammaries ...err... memories.
- Fellatio Hornblower - The Master of Disaster!
- SINtillating Sally - The former Queen of Quake.
- Potatoe Pancakez - Flattened the competition old skool!
- Toucan Sam - Thanx for schoolin' me. I learnt it all from you. NOT!!
- ChixW/Dix - Yes dreams do come true: last nite I dreamt I was going to the bathroom, and when I woke up I had peed the bed!!
- Waffle Boy - Nuff said?
- The Regurgitator - "I'll be back"
- Filly Buster - We busted some up, didn't we bro?
- Top-heavy Tina - Baby got front! We'll always have sincity, doll.
- plants-in-my-pants - Dude, you are whacked!
- and to all members of the "TCKs" clan (especially russel, harold, bill, mushmouth, rudy, and donald).

...keep on fraggin'. whoop! whoop!

c-ya on the nab servers!

Fecess Breath
aliases: Sir Poop-a-lot, Poo-Poo Head
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