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Wink Re: Ritual Apparently Not Exploded, Announces New Studio Director

Alright, here is the deal people there are some absolutely awesome things going on here at Ritual. We have been working hard to get a lot of things taken care of behind the scenes and we hope, like us, you all are just as excited to see the fruits of our labor. Its quite cool to see every one around the office as excited as me about these things as well, I for one have not felt this much energy around the office in a long time. First and foremost though I want you guys and gals to know that I am here for you (collective: Awwwwww), no seriously, I am going to be visiting the forums a lot answering any questions, helping with any issues, and providing even more of the community support that you have come to love and expect from us here at Ritual.

- Normality
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