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Default Re: SiN Episodes: Emergence Feedback and Suggestio

Originally posted by Moleculor:
I know the game isn't out yet, and I've already said this once, but this is the 'official' place for this: Sexuality needs to be in the game as blatantly or more blatantly than in SiN1. I know you guys censored SiN1 by removing a bit of visual porn in one secret area, but part of the appeal of the original SiN was the fact that it treated the player -like- an adult. I'm tired of playing games that have been censored to make it suitable to 17 year old's eyes.
I don't think nudity "needs" to be in there. It doesn't matter whether she's naked or in a bikini. Just as long as the story is top notch. I just want to see a lot more character developement concerning why Blade and Elexis's backgrounds and what makes them do what they do in Sin Episodes compared to the original sin, and from what I can tell more story is being driven in the latest game.
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