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Default Re: Ep2. Canned?

I do have two questions about the whole Ep. 2 thing.
First, where has anyone ever said sales were bad? The only comments I have ever read, from Ritual or otherwise, was that they were happy with sales so far. And if you take the lowering price comment into that, they have only dropped the price by 5 bucks so far, which could be taken as a good sign, or at least that sales are as expected maybe.
The second question is regarding Ritual, why haven't they commented yet? Maybe just a comment on news upcoming, an announcement is on the way, whatever.

Oh, and does anyone else watch Dexter? I caught my first episode a few weeks back, man am I sad I missed the majority of the season...

Oh, and one last thing, anyone think that if we bring him a busty young maiden, Levelord would pop up and make a comment?

<Insert witty comment>

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