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Default Re: Ep2. Canned?

You two like each other, huh? Looks like a private chat in here.

no one from Ritual has made an upfront statement that "yes, Sin Episode 2 is going to happen" to silence these rumors
Excuse me, WHY would they want to do that? They probably simply don't care about people who bring up rumors to begin with; they have better things to do with their time than to defend themselves against ridiculous conspiracy theories thrown at them. Yes, conspiracy, that's what you make it sound like! Oh my God, Ritual's new CEO didn't say "Sin Episode 2", that must mean they are so ashamed to admit that ep 2 is cancelled they won't even speak out the game's name! I'm sorry, but I don't go for such bullshit.

And please people, stop making new threads about the same old issue. EP2 IS NOT cancelled unless Ritual say so.

Sorry dude
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