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Originally Posted by Raveness View Post
As for being a sarcastic jerk, yes I prefer to use sarcasm rather than suffixing words like jerk. I didn't see the need when debating this to resort to an ad-hominem insult but I guess you did, as well as applying emotions to my post which cannot be derived on such a medium (angry, upset, insult). Thicker skin is beneficial on the net.
Oh I get it, so because you didn't use any directly abrasive words you weren't being an ass.

Sorry dude, you went there whether you think you did or not. You could have just said "This is nothing new. [period]" and maybe offered some contrary points. Instead you had to make snarky comments about my post, the first and last resort of pathetic individuals who believe they're smarter than they actually are and have nothing of value to offer.

I say good day to you sir!

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