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Originally Posted by Raveness View Post

Sign the man up for the CIA. He's added such convincing evidence from a game blog site and industry experts from a magazine which add so much more to what we don't already know
I know you're a fan of the game and all and don't want to acknowledge that there's a chance it might not come out, but there's no need to be a sarcastic jerk and get angry at me.

Until Ritual actually says something themselves, its pure conjecture, worrying conjecture albeit, but conjecture nonetheless. And conjecture is ridiculous, because it paramounts to bait tactics on the Internet.
I agree it's conjecture, but I'm not going to refrain from saying it just because someone else might not like it.

And for the love of God, do not intersperse legal terminology when you opine. It insults the intelligence of those who know what they actually refer to.
Legal terminology? What the heck are you talking about? Because I used the word evidence? Yeah that's real legaleze there; man I better cut back on it so people who didn't go to Standford can understand (see, two can play the sarcastic jerk game). Jeeze I'm sorry your upset, but no need to grasp at straws to try to insult me.

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