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Star Trek Elite Force 2 Re: Elite Force II - Modifications

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The Aftermath Episodes
The Aftermath Episodes adds an all new single player adventure to the game.

The story set after the events of the game, the Hazard Team are beamed down to a planet to track down a romulan spy who is leaking confidential federation information. The Romulans have taken refuge in a neutral city nearby.

Download from

A Gate two Birds and the Beautiful Sky.
A Gate, two Birds and the beautiful Sky Modification in short GBS adds an all new single player adventure to the game.

The story centers around Illia Ericcson, a former agent of Section 31, the Federation's most secret intelligence agency.
Illia's final mission proves to be her most dangerous one yet, as she faces impossible opposition in Romulan space.

Download from
Download from

HaZardModding Coop Mod
The HaZardModding Coop Mod in short HZM Coop allows you to play the complete Campaign from the Single-Player Co-Operatively in Multi-Player together, with up to 8 Players in total.

It adds many new maps and offers Coop support for other Mods, such as the GBS and Aftermath.

Download from

INFO: How to Install Mods and Maps

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