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Default Re: Michael Russell Leaves The Tribe

Originally Posted by FateOfTheWorld View Post
Breaking news:

Grr. When one of the founders leaves as well, you tend to lose faith you'll EVER get any more episodes. They must give us some info, NOW. That Non-Disclosure Agreement I know Russel and probably everyone else is on is hurting the company more than it's helping. Not good.

EDIT: I suppose 'demanding' for news/media/info is not necessary a polite way of making a request, particularly when asked over and over again, but the only reason we're talking is because we care about Ritual and their games, which is why we need... info. We are, as one developer mentioned, their "bread and butter".

Oh great. Now I'm really worried. This sounds like the end of Ritual (or at least a new beginning). Either way, doesn't sound good.

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