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Ritualistic is back! We recently -- well, I take that back, not recently at all -- were forced to change web hosting services, when after about a decade on IX Web Hosting, they suddenly began blocking our sites and complaining that we were using too many resources (uh, right guys, for a site that is about a defunct game developer, we don't get much traffic at all!) and I had to jump through absolute hoops of fire to get everything back up and running. Needless to say, we dropped those clowns and moved to a legit hosting site called TD Revolution, who hosts a little project called Cyanogen Mod for Android, and they are keeping us running like a champ once again!

If you remember from back in the heyday, Ritualistic is a fan-run site with about 1.1 employees, so we have to do all maintenance and setup ourselves, and it took me a ridiculously long time to get the database and code moved over. But, I think everything is running and seems to be working as expected. Not sure about anyone else, but I had to reset my password, so all the email addresses for the forum should be working with that one possible exception.

So everyone, have fun, reminisce about Levelord, Blade, Elexis, and all the gang, and get back to the sheep-tending! If you want to help support our site, click on some ads if you notice something of interest, as it helps defray the cost of hosting, which I've been paying out of pocket all these years Love you guys, and our shared passion for Ritual games of all kinds, shapes, and sizes!!

- Erik "LeftE" Hanson
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