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Star Trek Elite Force 2 Elite Force II Clan League

The ST-Gaming League for Elite Force II is currently open to clans with at least 3 players. The league is already in session so clans will want to join soon before more matches take place. The basic match rules are as follows:
  • Game Mode: CTF.
  • Each match has a 3 map rotation.
  • 15 minutes time limit per map.
  • 1000 points (10 flags).
  • Game Version patched 1.1.Specified server and client settings.
The English translation of the league site is still in progress. The league admins and players understand English and will coordinate with you to schedule matches. Just post in English and do your best to navigate through the pages for now. The rules, standings and match results can be viewed by following the links in the section titled "2007 - 2." When a clan is ready to join, a league admin must be contacted by registering and posting here.


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